VAASTU GYAAN                

Guidelines for happy and prosperous living


A great deal of attention should be paid to bedrooms in a house. One should sleep with head towards west, east or south and never in north. The following will be effects of keeping our head in different directions and sleeping.

Head towards Effect
East Knowledge,Philosophical thoughts
West Comfort
South Pleasure, happiness and wealth.
North Nightmares, disturbed sleep and diseases.

Bedroom can be located in south, west or southwest; northwest bedroom may be allotted for guests. Bedroom in north is not that good as that may cause mental unrest and financial hardship. Bedroom in northeast is strictly prohibited. Bedroom in southeast will cause bad mood, quarrel and anger. The effects of placing bedroom in different directions are given below

Direction Effects
NorthEast: Emotional upset, sickness (except pooja nothing should be placed)
East: Ill health, loss of children Southeast: Anger, disturbed mood, quarrels
South: Good
Northwest: Constant quarrels, (okay for guests)
West: Good for juniors/children
Southwest: Good for master bed room
North: Unrest, financial losses

The master bedroom for the head of the family may be located in southwest and other bedrooms towards east or northern direction of master bedroom. There should be no obstruction or load over the bed lest they may fall and hurt you. The beds should be located in the middle of the room and not in corners. The idea is to keep moving space around the bed so that one can get up and get out of bed quickly in emergency. Bed should not touch north or east walls, but touch south or west walls when we keep our heads towards south or west for sleep. A shelf of book may be kept in southwest or West Side of bedroom.

If bathroom cum w. c. is to be attached to bedroom that should be in south or west and never in north East Side of bed room. The bathroom cum w. c. should be kept clean and neat, Odorless, pest-free and sparkling.