VAASTU GYAAN                

Guidelines for happy and prosperous living


A great deal of attention should be paid to kitchen because it is here that the lady of the house spends most of her time. Vaastu Shastra, convenience, comforts, safety from fire, heat, electric shock, protection from insects, pests, the need for exhausting smoke, heat, fume and pollution, light and cross ventilation, all need minute and careful consideration and should be fully provided for in the kitchen.

For kitchen the most ideal place is southeast corner zone which is governed by Agni -The God for fire and heat. You know that without fire and heat nothing can be cooked, baked or toasted. The other alternative is to place kitchen at Northwest corner. This is only a secondary choice. I can rather say the best out of the worst. Kitchen should not be placed in North-east, mid-north, mid-west, south-west mid-south or the center. Similarly it should not be placed below or above bed, pooja or toilet.

Cooking Platform
1. This should not touch east or north wall, but can touch south or west wall.
2. The platform should be placed along East wall without touching it so that the person cooking can conveniently face east which is considered most auspicious and will bring good results.
3. The other option is to place the cooking platform along southern side wall so that the person cooking can face south and cook. Facing west or north is not desirable.
4. No shelf or almirah should be placed above the platform. Many of the fire accidents do happen when the gas, stove or oven cooking range etc.. are on. This should be meticulously avoided. After all safety is first and paramount.
5. Similarly no exhaust fan should be provided above the platform. Sometimes the fan falls creating calamity and danger. Exhaust fan above cooking ovens etc. is technically also incorrect.
6. Cooking platform can be of mosaic with chips, granite, marble, Cuddappa or kota stone top duly finished and polished. Kitchen cum dinning- In most of the houses eating is done sometimes in kitchen itself. In such a case sit out for eating or dinning table should be placed in western side of the kitchen proper.
7. Exhaust fan should be placed in a suitable place on the wall to exhaust smoke and bring in fresh air into kitchen. Such exhaust fan should never be placed above cooking platform.
8. It is advisable to keep the kitchen cross-ventilated by keeping windows on two opposite sides of the kitchen so that sufficient natural air and light becomes available to kitchen. Remember not to toast the lady of the house who bakes and toasts your bread. 9. Fridge, if to be kept in kitchen, can be placed in North-West.