VAASTU GYAAN                

Guidelines for happy and prosperous living

Vaastu of Plot

The geometrical axis of the plot should be aligned with earth's magnetic axis; one of the plot sides should parallel to the north south directions and other should be parallel to east-west directions. If the plot is not aligned in the north south direction, the land is poor for overall growth, peace and happiness. The shape, size, levels and angles of the plot should be examined. If it does not comply with the Vaastu principles the necessary additions and alterations should be done to the plot.

Slope of Plot -

The land should be elevated towards the south and west sides and it should be lower in North and east sides overall growth and prosperity.

Shape of plot

  • Ideally it should be a square.
  • Rectangle is also good provided the breadth and length ratio should not be more than 1:2
  • Triangle, round and all other odd shapes are not considered good.

Angles of the plot

  • If all angles are 90 degreesit is considered best .
    Square site: If the ratio of two adjacent sides of a site is 1:1 and every corner is a 90 degrees angle, it is called a square and is best for overall growth.
  • South west angle should be 90 degrees North west and south east angle should be close to 90 degrees or more.
  • North east should be close to 90 degrees or less but should never exceed 90 degrees

    If the ratio of width and depth of a site is within 1:15 and all corners are of 90 degrees, it is also good for growth. If the depth is more than twice the width, the site becomes weaker for growth. The symmetrical geometry of shape is good in general. The unsymmetrical shape is not always good. The various shapes and their possible effects are as below :
    Square : Overall growth Rectangular :Overall growth
    Circular :Increases mental capabilities
    Hexagonal :Prosperity
    Unsymmetrical / Irregular Shapes : Oval Shape:Inauspicious
    Triangular:Loss due to fire,Govt. harassment, Penalty etc.
    Parallelogram : Financial losses, Quarrels in family.
    Star : Quarrel and litigations, Destruction of peace.

Location and direction of plot

East and north facing sites are preferred over west and south facing plots.
1.This is the direction where Sun rises and gives light and heat to earth.
2.Lord of this direction are Indra-Planet ruling is Moon.
3.Other Lords influencing this direction are Shikhi, Parjanya, Jayant, Indra, Sun, Satya, Bhusha, Sky and Agni.
4.This is the best direction so keep it as open as possible so that resident gets sun's rays in full.
5.This direction should keep low as low as possible.
6.This direction is kept open and at low level native gets famous and is honored in society.
7.Entrance in this direction are beneficial so keep entrance door preferably in East.
8.Do not do evil deeds in this direction.
9.Bath room in this direction is good because resident gets advantage of sun's rays while taking bath.
10.Owner should use this direction for himself and should not give this portion on rental-once rented-owner will never get back.

Plots having two or more roads

  • It is good to have roads on all four sides of the plot - gives all round happiness to the native.
  • It is good to have more than one road.
  • North and east roads are the best.
  • South and west roads are good for business people.
  • South and east roads are good for women and women organisations.

Plot and levels

Levels inside the plot

  • The ground levels should be high in the south and west.
  • The ground levels in the north and east should be lowest in the plot.
  • Levels in the south east and north west should be more or less equal.
  • North should be lower than south and east should be lower than west.

Levels outside the plot

  • East and north levels of the adjoining plot or road should be low.
  • Hillocks and mounds are preferred towards south and west.
  • Water bodies are preferred on north and east for good results.
  • A high building towards south or west or south west bring good prosperity.
  • Water bodies, depressions and low levels are considered bad towards south west of the plot.


Bore wells and open wells which are to be dug in the plot before starting construction should be placed as per the principles below:

  • East side well should be in the first half of the plot towards north.
  • North side well should be in the first half towards the east.
  • Well should never be placed in the west or south or south west.
  • It is also not good to place the well on the north west or south east,
  • A well opposite to the gate or main gate is not advisable.
  • A well should never be placed in the center of the plot.