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Guidelines for happy and prosperous living


In a staircase, steps should lead one from East to West or from the North to South and not vice versa. The staircase block should be as far as possible towards the Southern or South-Western portion of the building. A staircase located inside or outside the house should not be in the North-East corner of the building. When the staircase is located outside the building and if it is in the Northern side then it should be towards the North-West corner of the building with steps starting from East to the West till the mid-landing and then from the West to East to the first floor, and the entrance to the first floor should be from the North-East corner. Similarly outside staircase can be located in the South-West corner either in the Western or Southern side, but the steps should be from North to South and from East to West terminating on the first floor at the North-West and the South-East corners respectively. If outside staircase is located in the South-East corner of the building, steps shall be from North to South terminating at the North-East corner of the first floor.

As far as possible internal or external staircase shall not touch the Northern or Eastern side walls and a minimum gap of 3" shall be maintained. The steps, whether internal or external shall always be from North to South and from East to West atleast till the mid-landing and thereafter it can run towards any direction but the termination of staircase on the upper floor must be in favourable position.

To summarise:
The Staircase should be provided in West or North sides of a building.

The turnings should be in clockwise (Right Hand) direction while climbing up as shown in the diagram.

On emerging at the upper floor, the facing should be towards South or East.

The Number of risers should be such odd numbers, so that if divided by 3, the balance is always 2.