VAASTU GYAAN                

Guidelines for happy and prosperous living


Our sages and saints in India always wanted to ensure the happiness and prosperity not only to mankind but to energy living being in this world.

They showed serious concern about the happiness and welfare of every one, with a view to ensure that people live in peace and harmony with prosperity, comforts and happiness enjoying health, wealth, wisdom and all the pleasures and comforts, they evolved various codes and stem for one living which are contained in on ancient scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads etc.

A person with health but without wealth and wisdom cannot achieve anything in life. A person with health and wealth but without wisdom to use it properly will only harm the society and humanity.

As astrology remains a speculative science than result oriented subject, the Vaastu Shastra is definite a result oriented science if laid down as per its norm would definitely give positive result.

The home, which man builds in his lifetime is really his DREAM HOUSE hence proper care has to be taken when the house/plot is purchased. Here he has to consult with Vaastu - Shastra. Construction of house as per vaastu leads to the happy and prosperous life.

Before discussing more about Vaastu Shastra, one has to go for the Nature, which consists of five elements Sky, Air, fire, Earth and Water. Vaastu is affected with positive power of three elements: the earth, the water, the fire (the sun).
The Earth was formed about 460 crore years ago and it was a fiery ball. In due course of time, the rocks melted and the surface has formed and acquired magnetism due to the magnetic particles embedded within. It has two poles, North Pole and South Pole.

Sky is the endless space available on the universe. The universal concept of sky is beyond the imagination and reaches of human being as it is a never-ending eternal development.

The Air (Atmosphere) is composed of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, Carbon-di-oxide, helium, neon, crypton and vapour. Oxygen is life saving gas indispensable to living organism.
The Water: Due to rainfall from clouds, water flowed into low-lying area of earth's surface and oceans were formed. The eternal water cycling is mystery of nature.
The Sun: Sun plays a vital role in Vaastu Shastra. Which is source of life on earth and this is the reason why Sun is worshipped as an incarnation of god or the potential source of creation on the earth. Sun has vast source of heat generation. Due to the far distance from sun to earth, the earth receives only a fraction of the heat generated by sun and the same is sufficient for existence of living organism on earth. See the voluminous power of SUN the LIVING GOD!!