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Home is a difficult territory for an Architect, the personal values of inhabiting a place espoused by a client are often out of sync with those of the Architect, who has his own ideas of how his client should occupy space.

The overriding reason for the prevalence of whim of an Architect over the choice of his/her client, is the fact that most of the time the client is not able to clearly define his or her needs.


To Overcome this Handicap, we have carefully formulated a Home Planning Guide.

The Home Planning Guide will assist you in Selection and Design of your new home, or maintain / remodel your existing one. The Home Planning Guide is an Interactive document through which you shall be asked to define your Priorities, establish your needs, shortlist room sizes etc. All the above would help formulate guidelines from which to proceed towards actual construction.
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IMPORTANT :- To view our free guide you require Adobe Acrobat Reader and Winzip. These softwares are freely downloadable from their website. To download them please click on the icon below

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