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Cork is obtained from the bark of cork oak trees. The bark is ground, cleaned and baked. During baking, the natural resin present in cork comes out and binds the material into a homogeneous mass.

Properties of cork:
1. It is good insulator of electricity and sound.
2. It is light in weight.
3. It is not attacked by heat and moisture.
4. It is porous.
5. It is resilient and reasonably elastic.

Uses of Cork
Cork is widely used for preparing cork sheets and boards, bottle stoppers, packing gaskets etc. Cork carpet is available in rolls of 6 mm thickness and 1.83 m width with a variety of colours. It is suitable as a floor covering for places like churches, theatres, etc. where a noiseless covering is required. Cork tilesare obtained by compressing cork shavings in moulds with a thickness of 12mm. The moulded tiles are then baked. These tiles are fairly elastic, noiseless and durable. They can be used as covering for walls as well as floors.